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Gain the strategy and tips you need for your business - in real time.

Attend a Live Session in Miami


The 3-part business course designed to help creative entrepreneurs take their idea from vision to reality.



Whether you're starting a photography business, launching a production company, fashion line, or something in between, learn how to properly plan, organize, and launch your creative business without being unorganized, stressed, and lost! 

A great tool for ANY entrepreneur!

Part I

Crafting the Vision

  • Creating a Vision Plan & DNA

  • Lean Startup Plan

  • Building a Startup Squad

  • Leadership Development

  • Finding a Business Model

  • Finding Your Niche

Part II

Creative Business Planning

  • The Google Doc Phase

  • Crafting an Operational Plan

  • Creating a Condensed Business Plan

  • Strategic Goal Setting

  • Planning Your First Business Activity

Part III

Firing Up for Launch

  • Establishing a Brand Identity

  • Setting Up Your Digital Presence

  • Legal 101

  • Business Banking

  • Creating a Pitch Deck

  • Going for Launch!

"This course is designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs - the visual storytellers, artists, writers, and the like - to ideate, plan, and launch a successful creative startup or freelance service. "


Meet Your Instructor

Allan Meade, Jr.

Founder & Executive Director of Concept Factory

Allan Meade, Jr. is a creative entrepreneur, producer, and founder of Concept Factory, Inc. - a creative nonprofit with the mission to advance visual storytellers through community and content creation.

Foundations Academy
Session in Progress

Discover the essence of Foundations Academy Live Sessions – engaging masterclasses + workshops curated by Allan Meade, Jr in various cities.

Live Sessions encompass a spectrum of interactive masterclass-workshops in the realms of creative entrepreneurship and the process of launching an early-stage startup. With a blend of sociable and collaborative elements, Live Sessions are designed to augment the learning process and enrich the overall experience for both traditional and creative entrepreneurs alike


Anissa M. -

Screenwriting Consultant &

Content Creator

"Allan not only has a heart for creatives, but he gives them a platform to use their passions in a constructive and elevated way.  It’s clear that he understands how to marry business minded principles with artistic passion because his programs speak for themselves."

Geri L.

Wood Craftsman & Entrepreneur 

"Allan is a joyful truth seeker, a trustworthy friend, and someone I can always count on for inspiration. Whether in business or entrepreneurship, his skillful creativity carries over. But above all that, what I value most about him is how he moves with integrity. It’s why I trust him as a leader, fellow entrepreneur, and close friend."
Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 9.11.38 PM.png

Vicky E.

Freelance Photographer

"I have watched Allan continuously foster an atmosphere of fun and excellence with the hope that others will be inspired and connected to create. His drive and commitment is infectious to watch and makes others want to tap into their gifts and talents to create greatness."

Most early-stage entrepreneurs prematurely start their business without a long-term vision, a plan, and with poor brand execution. What's the result? A failed launch. Don't let that be you! Take the course.

Receive one-on-one feedback, strategy, and inspiration.
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